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Monday, 31 March 2014

Cake Balls..^_^..yummy..!!

Assalamualaikum and hello everyone...:)
So,,this time i would like to share with you all..what?
Hmm,,let's us do the cake balls..!!
Just  a simple steps and only take a few minutes..^_^

Cake balls are small spheres of reconstituted cake crumbs, coated with chocolate or frosting. They are made by blending cake crumbs with icing, shaping them to form a ball and then dipping them in a coating, such as melted chocolate. Cake balls were originally created from the crumbs of leftover or stale cake to prevent waste.
Cake balls do not have the consistency of the traditional sweetened, baked and leavened cakes, but have a consistency similar to dough which can be attributed to the blending of the cake crumbs and icing. Cake balls are sold in various bakeries as well as mall kiosks; they are also available to be purchased as gifts. The bite-sized snacks may be displayed on a stick (known as a cake pop), and can be decorated with ribbon. They are especially popular during the holiday months.
Cake balls can be decorated with toppings in a variety of ways, using such items as sprinklesnuts, chocolate shavings, candy, otherconfectionery toppings, to name a few. Almond bark or confectionery coating are often used as alternatives to chocolate, and can be easily melted in a microwave oven before dipping. Vegan and gluten-free cake balls also exist.

Have a nice day with your cake balls..
Don't forget to share with me..^_^


  1. sukenyeer :D nak buat nak buat :)

  2. haha...jom2..nak try y fira buat dulu..ahaaa..=D

  3. tak sabar nak raya.. nak makan cake ball ni kat rumah awak :)

  4. boleh2x..=D...Hihi..